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Professional Chandelier Installation

Chandelier Installation - Logo Electrical Services

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Chandelier installation services are provided by professionals who specialize in safely and securely mounting chandeliers in homes, offices, and other spaces. Chandeliers are often delicate and heavy lighting fixtures, making proper installation important for both safety and aesthetics. Here’s what you can expect from electricians who offer chandelier installation services:

Assessment: The licensed electrician will assess the location where you want to install the chandelier. This includes checking the ceiling’s structural integrity, electrical connections, and appropriate hanging hardware.

Electrical Work: If necessary, the installer will make sure there is a suitable electrical connection and install any additional wiring or junction boxes to support the chandelier.

Mounting Hardware: The installer will determine the appropriate mounting hardware, such as hooks, brackets, or mounting plates, to ensure the chandelier is securely attached to the ceiling.

Assembly: Chandeliers often come in pieces and need to be assembled. The installer will put together the chandelier while ensuring all parts are securely attached.

Installation: The chandelier will be hung and attached to the ceiling according to the manufacturer’s instructions and safety standards. The installer will ensure that the chandelier is level and secure.

Wiring and Testing: The electrical connections will be made, and the chandelier will be tested to ensure that it functions properly.

Cleanup: The installer will clean up the work area, removing any packaging materials and debris.

Final Inspection: The service company should conduct a final inspection to ensure that the chandelier is securely installed, and there are no issues with the wiring or connections.

It’s essential to hire a qualified professional for chandelier installation to ensure that it is done safely and correctly. Improper installation can lead to electrical hazards and damage to the chandelier or your ceiling.


When looking for chandelier installation services, be sure to check for credentials, references, and reviews to find a reputable and experienced electrician or contractor. Additionally, discuss the project scope, cost, and any additional services needed (such as chandelier maintenance) before hiring the company.

Chandelier Installation - Logo Electrical Services


Your electrician should be experienced and licensed to work in Houston, TX. Chandeliers can be heavy and dangerous to install on your own. Leave it to the professionals at Logo Electrical Services! We’ve been in the business for over 45 years, and we only hire the top licensed electricians. Electricians play a crucial role in ensuring that electrical systems are safe and functional, and they are in high demand due to the essential nature of their work in modern society.

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